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Things to remember when conducting or attending online class.

Things to remember when conducting or attending online class.

Our Japanese classes in Pune started using https://zoom.us/ to conduct online classes right after the Government advisory. Anyone can register to https://zoom.us/ to attend or conduct a meeting. It is free for basic user. We have some suggestions for anyone conducting or attending online classes or conferences:
1. Turn off video when not needed to save bandwidth.
2. Watch out what clothes you wear and what is in your background since you might turn on video thinking you are at home and no one is watching!
3. Ditto for audio. Everyone has enough problems at home and so don’t need to hear yours :-). But in case your kid starts shouting when your audio is on, stay calm! May be introduce your kid to colleagues and go back to meeting.
4. There is a feature to raise hands. Do this if you need to interrupt teacher.
5. Teacher can mute all easily. Also, unmute all or one when she sees hand raised.
6. There a group chat function as well. Use this for sending any files to each other or questions and answers.
7. Teacher can share screen like white board.
How to keep in touch with leads?

How to keep in touch with leads?

For our Japanese classes, we get enquiries from website https://japaneseclassesinpune.com

Many of the potential students do not join our classes. But we keep a record and keep informing them about our upcoming batches. As expected, some of those join our classes sooner or later.

How do we do this?

When a potential student submits enquiry form, below happens automatically:

1. We get an sms alert (we want to act fast since we know the lead must have contacted other classes).
2. The student’s number is stored in a portal called miaalo.com along with other students who might have previously submitted form.

https://miaalo.com allows us to send bulk sms to these students. So we keep all of them updated about our activities on a regular basis.

If you would like to have this implemented on your site then please click on below link:


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