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Advantage of Facebook Ads

We have listed some of the advantages of Facebook Ads:Target the right audienceAnyone can do itSave Money   We would like to brainstorm with you.

Publish/Subscribe on Channels We used to publish notices for our class on a WhatsApp group but those messages used to get lost in other WhatsApp noise (like, "Good morning" messages). This one-way notification from iLookOuts helps in getting the attention. It used to take a...

Manage Invite-Only Groups

Manage Invite-Only Groups Managing closed groups has following features: Inviting members by admin Approving membership by admin Membership profile managed by member (admin can create only initially but later member needs to edit) Reminding about membership fees  Marking...

Society Issue Tracking

Society Issue Tracking societies experience problems that affect their members’ lifestyle. These problems are reported by the residents but take time to be resolved. Even if some issues are resolved, timely and sufficient feedback to...

Website SEO Page Rank Alert and Up / Down Alert

Website SEO Page Rank Alert and Up / Down Alert

You might have paid your IT partner to ensure your website is optimized for search engine. But how are you monitoring the results? We can help you get daily notifications of search ranking as shown in below video. SEO is of utmost importance from the online business...

We love discounts!

We love discounts!

... and so do our leads. This article shows how to implement it and also here is real discount from us: We will give you 25% discount on our digital business card here: We highly...

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