Aniruddha Pimpalkhare

M. Tech. from IIT Powai with 16 years of experience in Japan.

Sachin Ashturkar

B.Sc.(Tech.), Comp Tech, 20 years of IT experience.

Minal Sathe

App Developer
B. E. E&Tc, 10 years of IT experience

Mac Ganoo

Client Success Manager
20+ years of experience in Retail eCommerce in eCommerce website, call center tools, Order management, Warehouse and Supply chain management. Dallas TX, USA

Prachi Pimpalkhare

Japanese Project Coordinator, JLPT Level 1.

Gouri Ashturkar

M.Tech (IIT Powai) with over 20 years of IT experience, of which 10 years in the USA.

Purva Phatak

WordPress Expert

Experience of developing 80+ websites using WordPress.

Rohit Phadnis

Business Development
M.Sc. (Physics​), Fergusson College, Pune
Cumulative of 14 years of business experience in courier, travel and fitness domains.
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