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Most comprehensive study material for Grade 1 Science in the form of multiple choice questions. Topics covered are:
– Plants
– Fruits and vegetables
– Seeds
– Animals
– Food and Shelter
– Air and Water
– Stars
– Material
– Human body

** If you would like to cover any additional topics, please send an email to with your feedback. We will try our best to cover that topic in the next upgrade. ***

Other positive points:
– No distracting animations
– Focus is on exam but students also end up learning from their mistakes
– Pause after every questions by changing settings
– Confusing options to ensure students has really understood the topic
– Tap trash button to reset score and practice again

There is no shortcut to teaching and spending quality time with kids/students. We request you to observe your kids/students while they try to answer questions presented in this app. Help them where needed. Once you are confident that they have understood all concepts – encourage them to practice using this app every day till perfect score becomes a norm.

We are proud about the carefully selected questions on various topics. At the end of every test you will get clear picture about student’s understanding of the topic.

This question bank helps students to get their basics right. They can build further expertise once they gain more confidence in getting perfect score.

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3. Grade 1 Science by 24by7exams
4. Picture Quiz Free 24by7exams
5. Balance Chemical Equation
6. Cricket Challenge! 24by7exams
7. Grade 4 Math by 24by7exams
8. Grade 3 Math by 24by7exams
9. Nihongo N5 Japanese 24by7exams
10. Mock Exams: Objective Questions on various topics
11. Grade 3 Science by 24by7exams
12. Grade 6 Science by 24by7exams
13. Grade 5 Science by 24by7exams
14. Nihongo Lite by
15. English Grammar by 24by7exams

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