How to Recover Dues (Vasuli)?

Recovery is a problem for every business. There are three categories of customers:

  1. Customers who pay in advance or pay immediately after invoices is sent. We are extremely thankful to such customers.
  2. Customers who are simply forgetting to pay or are delaying payments due to genuine temporary issue. This is the category that needs reminders. Our completely unscientific discovery is: remind on Monday morning at 7 AM and they clear dues :-). We have a software solution for this category.
  3. Customers who have no intention to pay whatever you do. Sorry, but you need to go to court.

We have developed a web portal called Fair Bahi Khata ( . You just need to add customers, enter order (bill) and that is it. Our system keeps reminding every Monday at around 7 AM. Once you receive your dues, enter payment (full or partial). Once total payments matches the dues the customer will stop receiving SMS.

Here is a short video showing Fair Bahi Khata in action:

There many other useful features:

  1. You can tag customer orders by business name so you can use it for multiple businesses.
  2. You can get reports by time period by choosing start and end date (say financial year).
  3. You can generate invoices and receipts as PDF or excel.
  4. You can start your own online shop. We have explained it separately here:

This system was built using Ruby On Rails (RoR) with MySql as database.