Domain owner is the king! Don’t let your developer hold your domain for ransom!

Above diagram shows the basic setup. Your developer is dealing with multiple vendors. The first and most important being Domain Registrar (you decide the DNS vendor here). The second being DNS (you decide hosting and/or email company here). The third being web hosting company and fourth being email service provider. You can get all these services from the same vendor or 4 different vendors. To make things complex, I have used all four different vendors but normally it is three (this is debatable so not getting into that).

Domain Registrar –> DNS (A-record) –> Website hosting company (machine)

–> DNS (MX-record) –> Email hosting company

So anyone who has Domain Registrar a/c access for that domain can change everything else. Let’s assume domain name is

  1. let’s say your developer is not responding or asking you to pay unreasonable service charges
  2. copy the contents of website to another hosting (means different IP address)
  3. point A-record –> new IP Address
  4. That’s it … will be up and running again!
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