How to migrate domain away from Net4 / Net4u / Net4India?

Domain is the king! Domain is your business identity. In the last decade or so, I have seen many cases where business owners have forgotten to renew their domain. We helped them to recover it when it was in the grace period. We helped some get it back by paying premium when grace period was over.

We have helped people migrate from one hosting to another and from one domain registrar to another. No big deal. This is our bread and butter. After all you see all situation when you deliver more than 200 websites.

But I never imagined that I will help companies to recover a domain because their domain registrar has stopped responding!  So a business owner is ready to pay but the domain registrar has stopped accepting payment. God! This is a nightmare come true – thanks to Net4 / Net4u / Net4India.


Here is the solution in case you have a .IN domain registered with Net4 / Net4u / Net4India! This has worked successfully for us. We will be glad to help in case below does not work.

From: your email id registered with Net4 / Net4u / Net4India
Subject: Request for domain transfer away from

Dear Sir / Ma’m,

I am unable to get auth code from Net4 to migrate my domain name: Your-Domain-Name

Please do the needful as I need to migrate it to Your-New-Registrar.

My email id is: XXXXXX
My contact number is: XXXXXX

Self attested photo ID and address proof is attached with this email.

Please contact us at in case you need help.


For .com domain you will need to wait and watch this page:

  1. Submit call back request
  2. Send email to
  3. shows an abuse address for your domain, send email to them as well (

You might seem to be sending same information to all three but you still need to try all possible options since things are really uncertain.


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