How to Monetize Video or PDF Using Google Drive For Teachers

This is for teachers and authors who would like to quickly monetize their videos or PDFs right from their Google Drive. The best part is we work on a partnership basis. You need make one of our IDs as editor:

Take a look at some real examples below: User Manual Take A Test

Please carefully note below to avoid issues later. We will not be able to help you if you don’t read instructions properly. This is the same as an actual exam where you need to understand and follow the instructions.



This test is free and you will get results by email. If you need a certificate from Fair Share then you will need to appear for an actual interview. This is to ensure your knowledge is up to the mark. This costs Rs. 1000/- as of Aug-2021. Please contact for the latest fees.

Please do not use laptops provided by your office since they might have certain restrictions and this test will not work. Also, ensure that you use reasonably latest machines.

Login to Drive LMS using Gmail:

Then again click on

You will see many courses. Select the test appropriate for your level and click on the REGISTER. You will see the price is 0. Click on CHECKOUT and you will get access. 

You will be taken to My Courses where you will see the course you subscribed to (scroll down a bit). Click on DETAILS. Please note the Validity In Days. You must appear for the exam within those many days after subscription.

Wait for 15 minutes before taking the actual test. (You will see a button with a similar message).  You will see the maximum time available for each test**. 

Read the remaining document before you take further action. 

**Click on TAKE A TEST only when you have those many minutes in hand.

There are 20 questions. You can start the test at any time, But when you start the test it must be completed within the given time** . 

Once clicked on TAKE A TEST, it opens a question paper on the left and an answer paper on your right. Both scroll independently. Make sure you scroll down and see all 20 questions. Same applies to the answer paper.

Before you click on the submit button, ensure that the question number matches the answer number (this is obvious but we have seen many students losing marks due to this mistake in our 15 years of teaching experience).

Make sure to click on the submit button only after you are sure that you have chosen your final option. This is a must. If you choose an answer and do not click on the Submit button then your answer will not be counted.

You can not undo the submission. So Submit is like YES, LOCK KIYA JAY!

If you click on the submit button without choosing any option then it means you have skipped the option for good and you do not want to attempt it again! So avoid doing this. There is no negative marking so give it a try.

If your computer crashes before the time limit, your answers will be saved as long as you have clicked on the Submit button for every answer. You can re-login from another computer and continue giving the test within the time limit.

If you click on the Submit button after the time limit**, it will not be counted. You will see the Submit button turning red.

You may simply close the tab once you are done. There is no final submit button since you need to click on submit button for every question.

You will receive your scores automatically by email.

Thank you and all the best.
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