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This blog assumes that you have your own domain name – say Now you would like to have your own domain specific email ID like

What we use at is Google Workspace. This interface is our all too familar Gmail interface and much more. This is our first preference. We will be happy to help if needed. It is reliable. If your business is dependent on emails then this gives peace of mind.

Many people with MNC background are used to Outlook so they might want to use Office 365. We are not too comfortable recommending this path.

Above options are reliable but costly. The charges vary from 1800 per year per user to 6000 per year per user. So if you need 10 email IDs the cost will be anywhere from 18000 to 60000 per year. This is too much if you receive just couple of emails a day.

In such cases we suggest another options which is not as solid as Google but we set it up in such a way that chances of issues is reduced. We create email IDs as part of hosting plan. We provide one email ID free and charge only Rs. 500/- per user per year. So your email cost goes to Rs. 4500 for 10 years (one is free). Plus we help you setup emails in such a way that emails are received in your personal Gmail Id and you can send from the same interface! So your emails are saved in Gmail only so you get the reliability in terms of saving emails. The emails stay on hosting email servers for a brief time and deleted as soon Gmail pulls those. This way risk of any issues with hosting email servers is reduced. When an email is sent from your personal Gmail it is sent with your company domain name.

Please take a look at below video that explains how the setup is done:


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