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  • Got an idea for a startup and are you planning to approach investors for funds? 
  • Investors do not entertain such proposals till they see something in action. 
  • It is a chicken and egg situation. You need funds to create a portal but investors don’t put money on the table till they see something. 
  • This is where Fair Share can help. 
  • Investors do not need to see the full idea in action.  
  • They just need to see either POC (proof of concept) or MVP (minimum viable product). 
  • Fair Share has expertise in delivering POCs and MVPs that investors can see in action. 
  • We have delivered most of the POCs and MVPs for between $1000 to $3000.
  • Give us the web portal specifications and we will get back with the exact estimates and delivery dates. 

POC / MVP Expert

Take a look at https://fairshare.tech/products-of-software-companys-in-pune/ for many POCs and MVPs that we developed and support.

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