Why should I use your resume portal?

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I can manage resumes by using Google Form (for Job Description as well as capturing candidate info including resume doc or pdf) then storing those in Google Drive. Google Drive has search. We can store resumes in subfolder. One subfolder for each category/ job fitment. All of the above is free. Why should I use your resume portal? Google drive will let you store the resumes you receive, but the important part is letting potential candidates know about new job openings and getting in applications. With our portal, you can easily share and re-share job descriptions, reaching more people who can apply with just the click of a button. Their resume is automatically attached to their application and you don’t have to go about manually looking for each applicant’s resume in your Google drive folders. Our portal will show you all the details you need to know when you view an application. You can also centrally change your job descriptions as your requirement changes and not have to worry about inconsistent Google Forms being circulated. There are only so many resumes and applications you can manage manually on Google Drive. We provide a bulk e-mailing service within our portal so you can scale up to many more candidates and jobs, and still maintain smooth communication with them. Please check the below links: https://gcoea.collegecvs.com/home/anonymouse_home https://japaneselanguageprofessionals.com/home/anonymouse_home

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