Lift Kar De

Read this blog and learn about Lift Kar De now! 

Do you believe that social media presence, ratings and likes generate leads?
If yes, then group members should understand each other’s products and services and give good ratings on social media.

  • Your well wishers will make you successful.
  • Make sure your well wishers understand your products and services.
  • Social media presence and ratings generate leads over the long term.
  • Grow with your company!
  • Get more likes! 

Start with your well wishers. Let them understand your products and services. They will be happy to uplift you and you will get more reviews! Help them to find you on social media and spread the word about your products and services!  You will get more ratings which in turn will help in generating  better leads for the company and you will get better projects.

We just make the rating process easy for employees.

How to use

  • Login
  • Go to company dashboard, click on number under All Links.
  • Click on the add link button and add all your social media links.
  • Click on Dashboard.
  • Click on the number under All Well-wishers.
  • Click on the Invite button and add email addresses one by one. These people will receive email.

Watch the below video to learn more about Lift Kar De:

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