How to ensure website availability from other countries?

Read this blog to learn about ensure website availability from other countries.

Before getting started, let’s understand why it is necessary to test a website from different geographical locations.

With the internet becoming the center of most people’s lives, businesses have started adopting the digital way by creating mobile apps and websites. Companies must necessarily establish a digital presence in order to make their products and services accessible to a wider number of customers.

How often when traveling or spending time abroad do you get the message that the website you are trying to access is blocked due to your location?

Maybe you are trying to access personal information back home while overseas or simply want to watch Netflix or a specific Youtube video; your location dictates what you can and cannot access. 

That restriction is called geoblocking. Whether it be for copyright reasons, cost of operation, or another reason, when you can’t access a network or internet service because of your location, that is geoblocking.

But, there are ways around how to access a website from a different country if it initially is blocked. Below are some sites that can test your websites instantly to ensure website availability from other countries.


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