Missed Call Manager or FairCRM

You can save minimum 60 hours a year and use that to make more money or something more useful than picking useless calls.

It is very important to respond to calls as those could be from a potential customer. If we don’t respond, caller thinks we don’t care about him and simply calls our competitor.

But many a times, a key person can’t find time to respond, especially if those are unknown numbers. In this case, the key person should delegate the job and at least filter out useless calls. But many a times even this delegation is tough or missed out.

So we created an app to solve this challenge. Key person should install this app and set up delegate numbers in the app. So when he does not pick phone, delegates get alerted immediately by that app there by reducing delay or mistake of not forwarding the number. This help us save key person’s time and convert potential leads.

Delegates can follow a simple process. The first one who has time to respond, just copy SMS and paste to WhatsApp group and let everyone know that your are responding to the call.

Click here to let me know if you might find this app useful (It will be free to use with our advertisement but paid app will be without advertisement) :https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+919604372278&text=I%20am%20interested%20in%20the%20missed%20call%20manager.%20

Watch this video to understand better on how to use the app – Missed Call Manager (also known as FairCRM):


There are some special settings needed to ensure that the FairCRM app runs smoothly on your Android mobile:

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