Integrating WordPress Webportal and Stripe

Want to learn the of Integrating WordPress Webportal and Stripe? Read this blog and find out!

WordPress is a flexible Content Management System. It is easy in WordPress to create landing pages for your products and services. But if your software product is complex, then it needs to be implemented in web portal (Laravel, RubyOnRails, Django). Now, if we want our users to pay for the services, then they will need to know the process of Integrating WordPress Webportal and Stripe. Check out the flow as below:

  1. User visits your WordPress landing page (like this) via SEO or paid Adds.
  2. User pays for the services through a button on WordPress landing page. Example button is given below.
  3. Click on the button takes the user to Stripe, where the actual payment is handled.
  4. Once the user successfully pays, then the web portal (Laravel, RubyOnRails, Django) will do whatever is expected. For example: Below button will send user a thank you email.

In summary:

  1. Landing page is on
  2. Pay now button takes user to Stripe.
  3. Payment is handled by Stripe
  4. Stripe sends notification to (Web Portal in Ruby on Rails).
  5. sends email to user (Email is just an example, you can modify to do whatever you want).
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