Auto Respond to Just Dial Leads

If you know any Just Dial vendor that wants to increase chances of converting a lead to real customers, refer to Fair Share IT Services. Read a small story for further details:

Let’s say I want to visit a museum over a weekend. I visited Just Dial and searched and enquired about the mini railway museum. Just Dial sends an email notification to Shri Ravi Joshi (vendor) with my phone number (in this case I am the lead). 

It is hard for Shri Ravi Joshi sir to contact every lead. This might result in losing that potential customer. We call it lead leakage. 

Earlier Just Dial used to send sms to vendors. Rahul had built an Android app to intercept and send sms to the lead. 

Now that Just Dial is sending email, we have built a system that processes Just Dial lead alert emails, take out lead phone numbers from that and send sms to the lead with additional information about Mini Railways. 

This is how those sms look like in our internal dashboard. 

The is a url shortener to ensure sms is not rejected for length and also for the cost savings. The second link is mandatory per TRAI rules since our system is sending the SMS and must disclose it. 

Nice and clean right? Don’t limit yourself to only Just Dial. We will be handling other competitors of Just Dial as well.

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