Sign contracts online in a few clicks

The quickest way to get Non-Disclosure Agreements and other agreements signed to keep your trade secrets safe. Get NDAs signed; store and manage all contracts in one place.

Sign contracts online in a few clicks.


For companies

1) Click on “Manage my organization’s NDAs contracts”, signin using mobile number and OTP
2) Manage your profile
3) Add signee’s mobile number and NDA start date
4) Inform signee to sign NDA on

For signee

1) Click on “Sign an NDA”
2) Login using mobile number and OTP
3) Manage your profile
4) Click on pending NDA
5) Read NDA document
6) Click on ready to sign
7) Draw sign in the box
8) Click Sign NDA
9) Inform company that NDA is signed

Watch this video to learn more on Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Signed in 5 Minutes


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