Visual creation experiment with ChatGPT

Visual creation experiment with ChatGPT 4. Conclusion: The designers can rest easy but not too easy.

I played around with ChatGPT to create an image. See this short video:–PtghbUI

We all know that chat GPT is making waves that it can make images. So I thought that I will try something but to those who do not have that much time to go through the whole video, I will give you the bad news and the good news especially to the creative and visual makers. The bad news is that the AI really comes up with some stunning images with a simple prompt. But here is the good news for you guys, it is still not there fully, it is going to take probably for a few number of years and of course the creative and visual guys will of course keep on improving and making better visuals.

So that way I think your job is not at risk at this moment at least. I asked ChatGPT, if it can replace the image of Rajanikath drinking alcohol in Chalbazz by badminton racket instead of glass. Now this is the good part. It came back with a stunning image with badminton racket in his hand. It made a spelling mistake here, that’s fine. I could have corrected it later on. But then I told him that can you use this photo like attire from the Chalbazz please and also no glass but racket in the right hand. So it made it. So now racket is in the right hand and removed the glass but then the attire is not from Chalbazz movie. Maybe some other scene in the Chalbazz movie but not that famous scene.

Now the bad part. The glass was not removed. There were spelling mistake. The logo was not used as is. It kept on making new mistake by recreating images instead of making those small fixes in the previous one.

Conclusion: The visual and creative designers can rest easy but not too easy.

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