How to message potential candidates on LinkedIn for free?

This article assumes that:

  • You want to increase your LinkedIn network significantly by searching for candidates on LinkedIn.
  • You want keep using free LinkedIn plan.
  • You find candidates that are OPENTOWORK but when you click on message, LinkedIn tells you to buy a plan. [See inserted images]
  • LinkedIn does not stop this feature [working as of 21-Oct-2023]


  • Login to LinkedIn as usual. After click on:

LinkedIn My Network Suggests based on previous searches

  • Or after searching for candidates, you will see below screen:

Click on the profile (do not click connect)

Trying to message a potential candidate using LinkedIn for free

LinkedIn asks to buy premium plan


  • Just scroll a but below on the candidate profile and you will be see below:

Click on Show details


Click on Message

  • That’s it! Send your first message and hope the candidate responds!

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