Our Art Work

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Chitrakalpa Art Institute

Three Generations of Artists, Since 1961

The Apte Family

Shri Yashlaxmi Arrt

An institution in Pune founded by Manjushree Vasant Oak around 1995.


“Art elevates, provokes, inspires…without boundaries.” We strongly believe that art is a significant aspect of any society.

Shruti Apte

Shruti started learning Kathak from renowned Kathak dance Guru – Pandita. Smt. Maneesha tai Sathe at the age of 8. 

Om Udyog

Training young micro entrepreneurs to make godhadi.  Every step is taught in detail. Followups to ensure any additional support.

Girish Dhamane

Girish Dhamane makes the artefacts out of scrap materials including glass bottles, wood, used automobile parts, tyres. He is into abstract painting in different mediums.

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