Top three questions to ask your IT partner about backup.

  1. Do you backup my website?
  2. Do you take backup every week?
  3. Is it taken automatically?
  4. Bonus question: Do you know how to restore backup?

If answer to all questions is YES then your website is in the safe hands. If answer to any of the questions is NO then please contact the numbers given at the end of this page.

“There is no need to have backup! It is a waste of money.” I start praying for the speaker when I hear similar sentences. In my 26 years in IT, I have seen really bad things happening:

  1. One of my highly competent colleague deleted all rows in a very important database table when he was expected to delete only one row. There was no backup and company had to spend weeks to manually put those back from printouts!
  2. I have seen laptop disks crashing beyond recovery and people losing years of photos and months of hard work.
  3.  People spend months on making a decent website it is gone because there was no back up.
  4. In some cases backups are old and irrelevant.
  5. In some cases backups are on the same disk that crashed! Or all the same data center that is not accessible due to earthquake.
  6. Hackers are known to attack website and hold it for ransom.

There is no limit to how much one can worry. But if you are serious about your website then make sure that your website backup is taken on a remote server and at least every week automatically.

Fair Share IT Services has taken third party backup package for clients having WordPress based sites. Backups are taken at a remote server automatically every day. There are security checks as well (though this is limited as security is a lot complex). Fair Share offers this service to clients at Rs. 3000/- per year. If you need backup to be restored then we will provide it to your developer and he can restore it or we can restore it automatically as long as WordPress credentials are shared with us. If you take your website seriously then make sure you have frequent remote backups. This is how the dashboard looks like for our own website: