Top Three Reason to Sign Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Top most reason is “Peace of Mind”! But this is more of a result of AMC so we will list reasons behind it:

  1. Websites could go down for any reason like software or hardware upgrades, hosting issues. Hosting companies may not even proactively report it to the client. So you may not get alert for days unless someone specifically reports it to you. Your leads will simply go away with a bad impression.
  2. Your website might get hacked and you need someone to fix it. Many times, hackers leave a really insulting message that might hurt your reputation.
  3. You might want to make some changes but the person who developed your website is no longer reachable. But you can’t hold him responsible since he delivered the website per contract but there was no AMC in place. 
  4. Bonus: Your team has made some changes by mistake and your website has stopped working. There was no backup! This is a huge responsibility. We have invested heavily in tools to ensure your website is safe.

We have a blog dedicated to backups:

We also offer AMC for businesses who have not developed website from us. In this case the domain and hosting can still remain with your other IT partner (we will not be responsible for renewal and related costs). Please choose any one of the below plans (domain and hosting costs not included): 

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