Website Migration Case Studies

This blog assumes that you have read and understood:

This will ensure that you know and understand connection between these terms:

  • Domain Registrar
  • DNS Servers
  • Email hosting
  • Website hosting

This blog is to give you general guidance. This is no way a complete document as every environment is different. Having said that, you should surely not touch anything in your environment without going through this document.

Case 1: Migrating away from Adobe Business Catalyst (ABC)

  • Domain Registered at Netregistry / GoDaddy
  • Existing DNS Servers: ABC 
  • Existing Website Hosting: ABC
  • Existing Email Hosting: ABC

This guideline could be used when you are planning to migrate away from any other company. ABC is just an example. 

1. Backup from ABC:

  • DNS Settings (A-records, MX-records etc)
  • List of Email accounts and backup of actual emails
  • Contents (text, images) etc from existing website (there are backup and migration tools for sites made using CMS like WordPress)
  • Any other dynamic / static contents like CRM, company user manuals on the hosting
  • Look at the subdomains to ensure nothing is missed out

2. Ensure your new website is running in the staging area on a new host.

3. Email migration is the toughest in my opinion. Ask following questions to your new email provider:

  • Do you have any automated way to migrate from ABC to the new servers? There could be since everyone in the market knows ABC is going away and they might want to grab that market share.
  • Can my old email backups be uploaded to the new server? If yes, how? Is there any special way to take this backup? 
  • How to point MX records to the new service? How much time will it need to propagate?
  • How will I create new email accounts?
  • What server and port numbers etc should my staff use to connect Outlook to your new servers?
  • I had other domains used as aliases for emails as well. For example, both and were pointing to the same Inbox. So how can we achieve this with your email service?
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