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Mr. Atul Kulkarni, one of the famous astrologer in Pune, with his proven and time-tested techniques of astrology can help you get rid of all the problems you are currently facing.

Book your desk from floor map! Really cool.

Book your desk from floor map! Really cool.

We came across and we were really impressed by features:

  • Book your desk from floor map!
  • Limit booking period
  • Limit access to certain employees
  • Add facilities

This is a quick demo from employees and company point of view:

You can directly go to and play around with it, create a map of your own with help from them. Or you can simply try our test facilities and map here:

In case if you need help, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Engage Website Visitors

Engage Website Visitors

You know how difficult it is to make someone visit your website. Now once they visit, you should try your best to engage them. There are couple of simple things that you can do as below:

If you provide them an option to chat then it is very convenient for them. Hubspot provides this feature with their free plan. You just need to pay your IT partner for this setup. Fair Share IT Services will be glad to help if needed.

Another important thing is to capture visitor email address before they leave your website.Watch below website:

Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Digital business cards are on the rise. This is an electronic way to share contact information. This article will cover what digital business cards are and the benefits of going digital. 

The way we connect with others is constantly changing. Perhaps the COVID19 pandemic accelerated this, but it also made it necessary that people turned to virtual modes of communication more and more in line with the new social distancing norms. 

Business cards have been around for a few hundred years and they have been useful to share and exchange contact information. However, with the recent changes in technology and lesser and lesser dependence on paper, also perceived to be an environment friendly initiative, digital media has gained a strong hold in business and traditional communication means are becoming obsolete.  

What is a digital business card?

Digital business card serves the same purpose as the traditional one. It is an online way of sharing contact information. Digital business cards can be created on an iPhone, Android, or computer. They are more affordable than the traditional paper business cards. Digital business cards can be customized, designed, and shared with anyone. There are no space constraints with digital cards—you can add as much or as little information to your card as you’d like. In addition to your normal contact information (like your name, company, designation, Logo, email, and phone number) you can enhance your card with a photo, social media handles, links and more. The point of an e business card is to create a single, simple, shareable file with all of your contact details. 

There are few sample on this page, please click on those and digital business cards will open. Click on the various icons on that digital business card to see the magic. 


What are the benefits of Digital Business Cards?

Here are a few benefits of going digital. 


Today your smart phone or your laptop is equivalent to your office. This is especially true with businesses which rely more or less on Information Technology and Internet. You can easily change information on your card as and when your profile changes. In the rare case that there is a typing error, there is no need to worry; with digital technology changes can be made in a more agile and a cost-efficient manner. 


Traditional paper business cards are not very eco-friendly way to exchange contact information. 90% of Business cards are going to end up in trash. In today’s age of Smart Phones nobody uses information stored in paper format. Information to be saved and retrieved, it has to be portable on your smart phone. Also, a switch from paper to digital media means we are saving millions of trees. Thus, digital cards are a practical and a wiser approach in today’s age. 


Digital business cards are more reasonable than traditional paper business cards. There’s no need to spend thousands of rupees a year on paper cards that are going to get thrown away sooner or later. The money saved here can be channelized to some other important aspect of your business. 



In the current situation we are trying to adjust to the new normal. Physical contact is decreasing and is steadily getting replaced by virtual modes of communication such as Zoom, Google meet, Jio meet etc. The market place has now shifted from a real location to the screen of your laptop or your smart phone. In sync with these developments, digital cards are the new way of exchanging business identity. They can be shared through various mediums such as email, chats, QR codes etc. Another benefit is this information get stored automatically unlike a physical card which could be carelessly tossed around and forgotten.

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