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Who we are

We believe that every business and professional must have a website. Website gives credibility. Website saves time since you can refer a potential customer to your website instead of explaining your product and services yourself or give directions to reach your office. We help businesses build and maintain professional websites at a fair price. We have helped more than 100 businesses in building websites.

Aniruddha Pimpalkhare

Senior Developer
M. Tech. from IIT Powai with 16 years of experience in Japan.

Sachin Ashturkar

Senior Developer
B.Sc.(Tech.), Comp Tech, 20 years of IT experience.

Purva Phatak

WordPress Expert

Experience of developing 80+ websites using WordPress.

Prachi Pimpalkhare

Japanese Coordinator
JLPT Level 1. Conduct JLPT Level classes in Kothrud.

Gouri Ashturkar

Senior Developer

M.Tech (IIT Powai) with over 20 years of IT experience, of which 10 years in the USA.

Minal Sathe

App Developer
B. E. E&Tc, 10 years of IT experience